Associations Newsletter – February, 2020

SafeSport Update Needed by 31 March
A reminder that all association leadership and committee chairs are required to be 3-step SafeSport (member, background checked, completed SafeSport Core Training), by 31 March.

1) To  renew: You may do so at https://uscenterforsafesport.org, and then click on training and education.  If you do not have a profile with SafeSport, you will need to create one. Please note that this is different than your USATF membership and, therefore, will be different than your USATF profile. You will enter your USATF membership number as a part of your profile so that your compliance can be recorded.

 2) How long will this SafeSport renewal take? The Core SafeSport Training Course will take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

3) Is there a cost to renew SafeSport certification? There is no cost.

4) What is the future requirements of SafeSport?  Beginning in 2020, an annual refresher course will be required. This refresher course will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

5) If you have questions or run into a problem: You can get assistance at safesport@usatf.org

Accreditation Feedback
You will be receiving feedback from the Accreditation SubCommittee regarding your initial accreditation documents soon. Please be sure to respond to your regional evaluator when contacted for additional information if needed. You can also reach Paul Bodenshot or Greg Mohl at accreditation@usatf.org.
With the passing of mid-America region accreditation evaluator Bert Garcia, longtime associations leader and contributor Andy Martin has been appointed to replace Bert...welcome Andy!

Additional Accounting Tool in the Assoc Management Area
Recently the office added a monthly accounting summation to the AMA:
Monthly accounting report (view your revenue/debt from membership/clubs/sanctions this month)  
Youth Grants available
USATF Youth is now accepting applications for the Mark Springer Travel Grant. Applications are due Thursday, April 2, 2020. 
The USATF Foundation has a Youth Club Grant Program with applications accepted throughout the year. Grants are awarded annually in February (application consideration deadline December 31st) and June (application consideration deadline April 30th).  The grant application can be found here: http://usatffoundation.org/grant-info/athlete-applications/youth-club-grant-application/

The Association Resource Center is your one-stop for information!
The online resource center is divided into five key areas to support Association leaders. Here you will find training modules for everyday tasks like date of birth verifications, resources specific to your position like medal order forms and accreditation information, and much more. The Association Resource Center is continually updated to ensure all Associations have the necessary resources available, day or night.

Thank you for all you do for our sports!


Associations Newsletter – February-March 2019


Accreditation Review Progress

The Accreditation process is in full swing and Associations have been sent a review copy of the information that the Accreditation Sub-Committee has received to date. Please review the material and notify the Committee of any errors or discrepancies. If you have not already done so please forward two of your mailing/e-blasts to Association membership in 2018 to accreditation@usatf.org so that we can complete our preliminary review in a timely manner.

Exact Target Membership Lists Work-Around

In recognition that the USATF membership database is no longer able to update the most recent membership database to the ExactTarget email system, the USATF I.T. department has created this step-by-step work around to enable you to download your most current membership lists.
Revised Associations Bylaw Template
One key role of association leadership is to assure that your bylaws are up-to-date and in compliance.  We encourage you to refer to our revised bylaw template on the ARC for guidance on how to update and/or modify your bylaws.
Gender Determination Guidelines
In an effort to address gender designation concerns/questions at competitions, the Diversity and Leadership Committee, in conjunction with USATF legal, has created these guidelines to mitigate gender determination.
The causal, non-official capacity volunteer waiver program is in its final stages of preparation and should be rolled out soon.
USATF Website Progress
Our BoD representative Chris Pasko reports that the office is in final stages of determining a vendor to create a new organization website with roll out expected towards the end of the year.
2019 USATF Governance Handbook Now Online
The 2019 edition of the USATF Governance Handbook and Operating Procedures have been uploaded to the USATF website for your reference.
2019 USATF Rulebooks Now Available
The 2019 USATF Rule Book is now available online and printed copies in the USATF store.  USATF certified officials may obtain a discount code from their association certification chair to purchase a printed rule book at a reduced cost.
Annual Meeting Reimbursement and Award Payments
Assoc workshop reimbursements, Assoc excellence awards, and Assoc annual meeting assistance grants monies were sent out to associations the last week of February, if you have not received payment, contact Robin Beamon. 2019 Association Grant funding has not been sent for anyone who has not returned their signed agreement form to Robin.

Association Marketing Kits
Have been submitted and associations should have been delivered by late February. Contact Luke if you have not received yours.

The Association Resource Center is your one-stop for information!
The online resource center is divided into five key areas to support Association leaders. Here you will find training modules for everyday tasks like date of birth verifications, resources specific to your position like medal order forms and accreditation information, and much more. The Association Resource Center is continually updated to ensure all Associations have the necessary resources available, day or night.

Thank you for all you do for our sports!

Club Membership Renewals and New Applications
  • Currently, all Club Membership purchases must be made through either the National Office, or the local Association.
  • Associations have two options to share with their club members.
    • Clubs who wish to pay by credit card, may do so by calling USATF Customer Service at 317/261-0500.
    • Associations may also renew the club membership (if they wish), and accept check as payment.(Some Associations are currently doing this already.)
      • If you do wish to handle the transaction, simply click on the "Renew" link in the row that the club is listed in, and manually update the application.
      • If you are adding a new club membership, you would click on the "Add a New Club" link, listed above your clubs on the listings page, and fill out the application.
      • On the payment page, click on the checkbox that says "Manual Payment."
      • Here you can type in any notes about the club's payment such as the date, check #, and amount. Then simply deposit your club checks as normal.
  • Please encourage your clubs to renew as soon as possible this year, due to the manual renewal process.
  • If clubs have athletes who need to complete the 300 waiver process, please remind them to start this process early as it requires the approval of 4 Association Chairs to complete.

Clubs and the new Coaching Education Standard

  • The new Coaching Education Standard is not intended to be prohibitive of operating a    USATF    club, but coaches striving to complete an accepted course of education is certainly encouraged.
  • Club coaches and volunteers must be SafeSport Compliant in order to operate a club.
  • SafeSport Compliance includes having a current USATF Individual membership, a current background screen, and a current SafeSport course completion date.
  • The new Coaching Education Standard will come into play should a coach need a credential at a USATF championship.
  • If there are coaches/administrators/volunteers listed who do not meet all of the above criteria, please do not approve the club, even if the system allows the approval.

Youth Coach Credentials for Youth Championships
In addition to SafeSport Compliance, eligibility to receive a "Coach Credential" at USATF Youth Championships (Association/Region/National), the following criteria must be adhered to:
  • Education Standard deadline for National Youth Indoor Meet is February 28th of each year.
  • Education Standard deadline for Youth Outdoor Championship and JO (Association/Region/National) is June 15th of each year.
  • Coach must be listed on the Youth Club's membership profile, the SafeSport Compliance list, and the Education Standard List.
  • Since a coach seeking a credential must be listed on the Club's membership profile, please encourage your clubs to make sure their club profiles are up-to-date with all of their coaches. They can do this by logging in to their club management site and choosing the option, "Update Club Information."
Credential allocation will be as follows:
  • 3 credentials per Club (Coaches must meet the above requirements)
  • 1 credential (after initial 3) per 10 athletes for clubs that have 100 or more athletes registered in that event (Coaches must meet the above requirements)
Where to find the Education Standard List
The Education Standard list is separate from the SafeSport Compliance list. You will find it here OR:
  • Go to the "Resources For" tab
  • Choose "Coaches"
  • Click on the button that says, "View the Published List"
  • Click the link that says, "Education Standard List"

Club Approvals and Status Messages
  • When approving your clubs, please keep in mind that the "Status Messages" that you see on the Clubs Listing Page are not accurate in some cases.
  • Please do not approve clubs based on the "Status Message" alone. Oftentimes the message may say that the club is ready for approval, and it is not.
  • Always take the step to open up the club profile (by clicking on the "Edit" link) and check to see that the listed coaches and volunteers have a 2019 Individual Membership, a current Background Screen, and have taken the SafeSport course.