Organizational Services
Metropolitan Assoc. was suspended accreditation... rolls into NY assoc.
West Tx is trying to keep their assoc alive
WY & AK were left out.
10 required standards
9 secondary standards (must meet 6 of 9)
National Convention Site Selection
2012 Daytona Beach FL
2013 Indianapolis, IN
2014 Anaheim, CA
2015 Houston, TX
2016 Orlando, FL
2017 Indianapolis, IN

Workshop – Association Communications (Websites)
Worked with Secretary Bert Pickell on some of the issues with South Texas assoc website.
This is essentially a web development tool kit that is managed by USATF
Centralized Content Mgmt Program
Unique URL ...
It interfaces very cleanly with the Natl. Website... with Natl. support.
There is a set of required content, including the association logo and sections for
Membership, Sanctions, Calendar of Events, Assoc Champs info, Bylaws, Assoc Directory,
Coaches, Officials, Youth, and Financial info.
A minimal start up fee and a smaller monthly fee that covers support and hosting.
Cheaper than anything can be done locally.
$150 to start for 12 months, then $50 per month after that.
10GB/month data transfer
Will take some time to build and create content.
This will require relevant data from each of the committees within South Texas.

Youth Cross Country JO Bid for South Texas - gathering
Joyce & I attended & connected.