Associations: Workshop 1 12:00pm/1:50pm
Representatives from Esix who specializes in Entertainment and Sports Insurance, Mike Price and Stephanie presented a thorough explanation of the newly negotiated USATF Sanction insurance General Liability Coverage. The new contract coverage is to be posted on the National website within the next 30 days. Contact National to confirm update or ESIX at (678) 324-3303 (www.esixglobal.com) for further clarification.
A few highlights:
USATF Associations and members have access to USA Track&Field General Liability Insurance Program through Sanctioning. “You are not buying insurance from USATF. You are obtaining a USATF Sanction and one of the benefits of that Sanction is Liability Insurance.” “USA Track & Field issues sanctions that approve and, in effect, license the holding of a track and field, long distance running, or race walking competition in the United States. A Sanction is issued only for events complying with USATF rules and regulations (those authorized by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.)” All Sanction requirements must be satisfied to receive General Liability Insurance. Failure to comply with all requirements of an Approved Sanction has the potential to minimize or void that Sanction insurance coverage.
USATF Sanction Instructions clearly define the requirements that must be met to receive the General Liability Policy. With regard to the insurance policy only USATF National website, the insurance broker/company posted information will state the actual terms, coverage, amounts, conditions, and exclusions.
Understanding the terms of a Sanction and the General Liability Insurance policy plays an important role in not only protecting the coaches, training programs, event, event organizers and participants but minimizes the chances of reducing or voiding coverage.
A few examples of issues that are often overlooked or neglected:
* Staff members, event participants and volunteers are not covered unless the event organizer has a signed waiver of liability, as currently stated on the National site in the General Liability Insurance Program document, “Organizers must obtain waivers of liability from all participants, including volunteers. Failure to obtain written waivers may reduce or void your coverage. Retain old waivers of liability in accordance with the statute of limitations applicable to each specific state where the USATF sanctioned event/activity takes place. Note that in the case of minors, the statute clock may not begin until the minor reaches the age of majority.”
** USATF recommended Participant Waiver And Release Of Liability Assumption Of Risk And Indemnity Agreement is available through the National office by contacting carmen.triplet@usatf.org
* Vehicles are not covered under the General Liability Policy. All claims involving a vehicle are addressed under the individual owners automobile policy.
* An athlete is not covered under the GLP while being transported. A claim of this nature would fall under the automobile policy.
* Rented equipment is not covered. Rental agencies should be asked to provide proof of insurance.
* Organizer owned equipment (tents, generators, ATVs etc) are not covered unless a Schedule Of Property is submitted (to whom this is submitted is still not clear to me but, I will be researching it.)

In addition to General Liability Insurance information, Carmen Triplet, USATF National Office Sanction representative, reiterated the importance of following ALL requirements stipulated with in the Sanction instructions. ie: Sanction Request, Incident Reports and Post Event Forms are all REQUIREMENTS to be fulfilled. Incident Reports and Post Event Forms are easy to overlook but, if you are caught without one, not only could your coverage of a claim be denied, USATF can elect to not Sanction your event for a period of three years for not meeting your Sanction obligation.
When a post event form is not filed monies either on the Event or the Association side have the potential to be cheated. It is also a violation of the Sanction stipulated requirements.

On and on… as Mike Price stated “Insurance Policies cover EVERYTHING, the fine print excludes most of it. Read and understand it, it is your responsibility and to your benefit.”

USATF also offers numerous other insurance policies:
Event Medical Malpractice.
Business Owners Policy, which covers all the “loop holes.”
Officials Insurance.

It is my understanding that USATF offers one of if not the best event insurance coverage in the industries. This is a wonderful opportunity for USATF events and members, as well as a remarkable marketing tool for Associations. The cost is inexpensive as far as industry standards, and can be profitable for the Associations.