I attended the following meetings and classes, all dealing with Officials matters:

On Wednesday evening from 8-10pm, I was at the Training Group meeting.  Thursday from 8-9:50 Rules Subcommittee, 11-12:50pm was the NOC Executive meeting followed later in the day by the Equipment and Facilities Subcommittee.

I was present at the Opening General Session of the whole.

Friday from 9-11:50am, I attended General Session 1 of the Officials, and from 2-3:50 the Officials clinic on Standardization of Protocols.  Friday evening was the Hall of Fame Banquet.

Saturday from 10:30am to 12:15pm was another Officials clinic on Vertical Jumps followed by the Awards Lunch and then immediately to Officials General Session 2.

Sunday morning, I was present and available to vote, if necessary, at the Closing General Session.

Observations, impressions, and lessons learned while attending these events, while many, would be overstepping my bounds in this report.