Officials November 30, 2011  8:00 pm
  1. Recruiting Young Officials
          Mentoring and Training
  1. Changes in Certification
Moving from Associate => Master
          New Levels
          Apprentice Level – exposure
          Associate Level - expertise in an event
          National Level
          Master Level – Expert
  1. Mentor Program
Apprentice and Association
Assign Veterans officials as mentors at least one apprentice officials
  1. Post-Event Evaluation
  2. Every event should be ran the same nationwide
  3. Need more LDR officials
  4. Exchange Program not working
Certification   December 2, 2011  2 pm
1. The new certification takes effect January 1, 2012 for all new officials and November 1, 2012 for all existing officials. November 1, 2012 will be the start of recertifications for 2013-2016. Any existing official who requests and upgrade prior to November 1, 2012 will fall under the existing requirements.
2. Nobody will be losing certifications nor will they be demoted when USATF transition to the new process. Any certification that is combined with other disciplines then we will transition you to the appropriate certification under the new system. 
3.   New officials going in as Apprentice officials in January will still be using the existing "New Officials" tests for now.
4. PICTURES - Can take be at any time and don't need to wait until recertification rolls around next fall to start, but when you take these pictures, for those of you that crop your images to just a head shot, DO NOT resize the picture before cropping. Keep the original size and then just crop it. The new website will be able to handle larger picture uploads and this will hopefully give us much higher quality pictures to go with the new card printer that is able to print cards at a much higher quality.
Levels: All disciplines offered with Levels will follow the five level path listed below.
Disciplines at a particular level may have a common combined discipline at the
previous level and may also be split into more than one discipline when advancing to
Certification Rules, Regulations, and Procedures; Revision 2011-1D; Page 4 of 15
The next level. All disciplines at a particular level will have the same requirements as
Other disciplines at that level for both initial certification and advancement.
1. Apprentice: New Officials
2. Association: Officials who are ready to take on more responsibility at meets
within their own Association.
3. National: Officials who are ready to take on more responsibility outside of there
Association and serve as head officials within their Association.
4. Master: Officials who are capable of serving as head officials at major regional
and national meets.
5. Emeritus: Master-level officials who have retired from active officiating.
B. Grades: Each discipline offered with Grades will have a custom set of grades
starting with Grade 1 and increasing in number as needed. Certification at each
grade and advancement to the next grade will be based on a custom set of
requirements for each discipline.
Upgrades can be done at anytime.
USATF membership is required  for all current officers and officials at all times.
Minimum Age is 14 to be certified and 18 to be a National Rank official.
March 31, 2012 is the deadline for all certifications to be submitted.
No local requirements for Upgrade.
Membership Cards will be in new cardholder
Green  -           Apprentice Cards
Blue     -           Associate
Red     -           National
Black   -           Master
Silver   -           Emeritus
Gold    -           Hall of Fame

Officials   December 2, 2011 2 pm
Listen to Shelby Sharpe speaks about Legal issues and Insurance within USATF on officials.
First Timers Orientation   December 1, 2011  2 pm
Goverance Changes every other year
This convention there were 93 rule changes
Approving of records
Election every four years
Officials   December 1, 2011 3 pm