2018 USATF South Texas LDR Grand Prix Race Series
For more information:

February 10 Children's Dental Health 5K  
March 17 Back the Blue, Red & Green 5K/10K  
April 7 Beat the Tax Man 5K  
April 21 Earth Day 5K  
May 26 Police Officers and Firefighters 5K  
June 17 Father's Day 10K  
July 4 Let Freedom Run 5K  
September 11 9/11 Heroes Run 5K  
October 7 Army - Dillo 10/20 miler  
November 4 JW Rice Memorial CC 5K  
November 12 South Texas Cross Country Championships  
November 22 Turkey Trot for Tots 5K  

Each athlete will receive 5 points for signing up for a race. 
Winners will receive 5 points for winning their age group
2nd place will receive 3 points
3rd place will receive 2 points. 

Plus overall winners receive 2 additional points.

USATF members will receive an additional 5 points per race.

  At the end of the season there will be a cash reward paid out in the following order: 
1st place will receive $1,000.00, 
2nd place will receive $750.00,
3rd place will receive $500.00
4th place will receive $300.00,
5th place will receive $150.00
for a total of $2,700.00.

2017 Grand Prix Winners
David Gonzales 180  
Christine Sprche 166  
George Wright 136  
Garry Rice 114  
Yanira Wardlaw 88